Something is wrong with me.

Something is honestly wrong, the last two years, since coming to college. I’ve had serious self-confidence issues. I’ve gained 20+ pounds since coming to school (it doesn’t look TOO bad, because I was super skinny before) and I’m just not happy about it. I’ve tried going to the gym and working out, eating healthy, but when I don’t see results, I get completely unmotivated and just give up. I’ve found myself just looking at myself in the mirror disgusted with how I look, I’ve called my mom countless times while at the gym bawling my eyes out because I’m “fat”. I stood in front of the mirror for two hours nit picking today, i pull on the skin under my chin and neck cause my face is getting rounder, my thighs are getting bigger, my stomach is getting bigger, my arms are getting flabby. Like I just don’t get it and it’s killing me. I’ve been struggling with this, and i just don’t get it and don’t know what to do. I literally wanna lose like 20 pounds, it’s staying motivated..and being patient for those results..but i just want them now.

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